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Posted by Coaly - April 1st, 2010

Kevin Bacon is sorry Kevin Bacon. There was just too little time. Work wasted Kevin Bacon's Kevin Bacon time.

Bacon Kevin

Posted by Coaly - January 29th, 2010

Just wanted to make a new post. Have an idea for a valentines day game, not sure I'll get to it but I'm going to get into some more games eventually.

Hi mike.

Posted by Coaly - September 28th, 2009

I have a new artsy game in my mind, and it looks good in there, let me tell you. Actually I'm not going to tell you... but I'm thinking about trying to find a music person to create some music for it and help me integrate it into the game, so the music changes as you progress through the game. If you are one of these music persons, and are interested in working with me, pm me please.

Madness day was a bit dry this year, compared to years past. I appreciate the legacy of madness, but I wonder if there is a point at which ng holidays aren't worth being ng holidays anymore, simply because they wont get enough quality submissions...

My calendar entry wasn't picked to be in the calendar, which is a bit disappointing, but it was fun to make anyway. I am biased but I don't really like the calendar for 2010, there was a lot lot more diversity in 2009's calendar. I think 8 pieces in the 2010 calendar are of either pico, dad, or hominid. Whether that is a bad thing for you or not is a matter of taste though, I admit.

For irl matters:

I have a part time job as a lifeguard, it will get some cash coming in regularly, which should be nice, and it's also something to do.

My classes are going well, they are easy.

I am running, and sleeping.

Posted by Coaly - September 9th, 2009

So I was digging around in my old folders looking for game ideas that I could revisit and I found a lot of things that were more interesting than I thought they would be. So I'm going to link some of them with explanations of the ideas and comments or whatever. Also I figured this would be more interesting than random info about my real life!

**note, lots of stuff, feel free to just look at one or a few**

Combo Game LINK (space also spawns new combo)
This idea is basically to have a game based around completing combos. Different modes might be stamina of a random infinite combo, timed mode for preset combos, level modes of random combos of different lengths. There could be check points that you go back to if you mess up, bonuses for speed. I think it might be a little bit of a challenge to make it really entertaining, but I also think it could be done

Samurai Slice LINK
The idea behind this is you basically fight a horde of these zombie samurai guys, and as you kill them the stage fills up with blood, and that effects the gameplay in some way. I didn't really get too far into the thought process of how the game would work, but I think hack and slash games are fun mostly because of the hack and slash violence factor.

Apple Tree LINK (the more you create the larger they get)
This was sort of a programming exercise that was supposed to turn into an artsy type game. Basically a tree grows, then apples grow on it, and you have to catch them using some type of mechanic, then next stage a larger tree grows, repeat. Dunno how fun a game like this could be though, which is probably why I left it at this.

Hotdog eats city LINK
If only any random ideas I had could instantly become games. Maybe this was too absurd for me to follow up with actual planning and work. I still think it'd be fun to walk around as a hotdog eating buildings...

Puzzle LINK (doesn't do anything)
This is an idea I worked on with a IRL friend, we planned out a ton of levels that ended up being pretty challenging. As you solve the puzzle you can only see the level you're on, when you hit the arrow spots the blocks move up or down to different levels. You hit switches to do different things. Really it's a pretty interesting puzzle game, so this is something I should actually come back to.

Samurai game TWO LINK (click to do stuff)
So yea, another samurai game, I'm so imaginative, but the idea behind this one is that you would use the mouse for the entire game to do everything. I think it could wind up being a cool mechanic that would make for some interesting fights, especially when enemies start jumping up at you and you can bounce off them and keep attacking while in the air. I think the idea spawned from the insane shit you do in um, gaiden? or something... where you jump from person to person slicing off their heads.

Backward Thinking LINK (click play)
This game has some place holders, and repeats some stuff, but you can get a basic idea of what I'm going for. It's a quiz game with all of the questions and answers written backwards. I thought it was a pretty simple but new and therefor interesting idea. I have a ton of questions written up, and the programming is almost done, but someone I know said it seemed boring, and I lost my motivation to finish it. It probably wouldn't be widely enjoyed, but I think a certain group of players would enjoy it and play it all the way through.

Burn Alive LINK (not much to do here)
The idea behind this game is you play as this guy, who's house bursts into flame, then you go outside and level 2 is avoiding scalding sun rays, level 3 you fall into a pit for safety, but it's a volcano and you have to jump from platform to platform as you shoot out into the sky, level 4 you have to jump from platform to platform as you go down the mountainside on the flowing lava. I haven't considered the conclusion much. I think it could make for an interesting little adventure game, with the levels each requiring different skills to complete.

Unnamed LINK (arrow keys and A/S)
This is an idea I had, and then I decided to create just to see how it would feel. I don't know how well it could be integrated into a game, but i think it's kinda neat regardless.

Pico movie LINK
Here's a little clip I did out of a movie I was going to make for pico day, I had it all storyboarded, but I failed to complete obv! I'm kinda proud of it, so I'm putting it here.

Also here's a little screen of my halloween game with pezzo. Can you guess what it's called??? lol

promising swfs and ghost ideas

Posted by Coaly - June 25th, 2009

I'm making this post just to get a different post up. I don't know who comes in here, but that china post has got to go.

Some info: I am currently taking a business 100 course, it's mildly interesting, I am considering coming out of my informal early retirement from making flash games, because I need some money, and I have some ideas that I like, summer so far has been good to me, but I am too much of a slacker.

Posted by Coaly - April 1st, 2009

Some foreign substance is introduced into ouur precious bodily fluids, without knowledge of thhe individual, certainly without any choice. Become aware of thhe current fluoridation of youur orange juices, and milks. Ice cream. Children's ice cream. They may come dressed as ouur allies, but we must resist.

Exhibit purity of essence.

POE is thhe key.

Posted by Coaly - February 25th, 2009

If you haven't seen my new game, go check it out. Overall I'm satisfied with the way it turned out, and with it's reception. I see a lot of flaws and room for improvement that I should have acted on before, but what's done is done. It's on the frontpage and jayisgames wrote an article about it too, which is awesome. And it started as a one night game anyway, then sat in a folder for three months, so I'm glad it's out there.

Anyway I'm trying to think of what kind of a game I want to make next, I have some soothing and simple gameplay game ideas that I've come up with already, but Unique, Gravity Ball, and now Panda Star all seem to be along that line...so I want to do something different. I want to make a side-scrolling action melee game, but in trying to come up with a plot and hero and gameplay ideas there is so much I can think of that I want to do, or that would be awesome in a game. It's going to be hard to narrow it down to something specific, that's also manageable and fun.

I think games that are level based are more likely to get replayed, and more enjoyable, but then games like alien hominid and gogo happy and smile aren't level based, and they are awesome, so that's something else I'm trying to keep in mind while thinking of a new idea.

And side-scrolling action melee games require much more art and animation than games I've made so far... so that would be something new to deal with.

On a completely different note I grabbed a serious mario art wallpaper off of google and slapped it on my userpage, cool right? Here's the full size, link.